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Guangzhou Shipeng Technology Co., LTD., headquartered in Guangzhou, is a wearable intelligent equipment technology company with exoskeleton, human sign detection and AIoT platform as the core

As a technology-based enterprise based on technological innovation, the company has always maintained large investment in research and development. At present, the number of master and doctoral students in the team accounts for more than 60%, 2 national leading talent consultants, more than 190 core patents, and has established close industry-university-research cooperation with 5 key universities in China. It has deep technical accumulation in the fields of human-computer interaction, advanced biosensing, composite material intention recognition, AI algorithm and so on.

Many parameters of the exoskeleton series products developed by the company are at the international leading level, with good man-machine collaboration, and can greatly expand the interaction ability between the human body and the environment after wearing. At present, it has been widely used in emergency rescue, forest fire fighting, load-bearing marching, outdoor work, production line assembly, industrial logistics and other scenarios, which can significantly improve the wearer's load-bearing capacity, effective working time and avoid cumulative muscle injury.

May our existence: make the power more efficient, make the body healthier, make life more wonderful ", Shipeng Technology will continue to be committed to the technological innovation and commercialization of wearable equipment, and contribute to the healthy life of human beings.

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At present, the company is headquartered in Guangzhou, with production bases in Hefei, Suzhou, Xi 'an and Beijing, and 34 offices and service outlets in 34 provinces and cities across the country.

We are committed to the technological innovation and commercialization of wearable equipment, and contribute to the healthy life of human beings.

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Development course
  • 2023
    Wonderful continue
  • 2022
    A variety of external bone road products mass production and bulk sales
  • 2021
    The passive weight-bearing exoskeleton, which can carry 110kg of weight, has been recognized by many customers and obtained orders after its release
  • 2020
    Supported by Guangzhou Innovation and Entrepreneurship leading team
  • 2019
    It is supported by national basic scientific research projects
  • 2018
    Lumbar power exoskeleton, upper limb power exoskeleton technical layout
  • 2017
    Received the National Ministry of Science and Technology load exoskeleton project
  • 2016

    Research on load mobility exoskeleton based on hydraulic drive was carried out

  • 2015

    The first prototype of the exoskeleton was released

  • 2014

    Obtained the support of Guangzhou industry-university-research project

  • 2013
    Carry out exoskeleton technology layout and project approval
Development course
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