Upper limb power exoskeleton

Upper limb power exoskeleton
The high arm is no longer hard, so that the work is easy!

The upper limb exoskeleton stores energy from the lower arm swing in a storage box and re-releases it when the arm is raised

And provide sufficient support for the arm, providing support that is exactly balanced with the gravity of the arm and the load.

Ergonomic design reduces the burden on the body

The support force of the exoskeleton can balance the gravity of the arm and the load, effectively reducing the pressure and burden on the shoulder and neck joints.

Arm "levitation"

The upper limb power-assisted exoskeleton provides upward support for the high arms

The power assist size can be adjusted from 2 to 8KG according to the weight of the hand-held tool

Light and burdenless comfortable and not stuffy

The lightweight design of the whole machine, the core components of carbon fiber, glass fiber nylon and other high-performance low-density materials, light equipment, no extra burden after wearing.

Equip piece

Polyester/nylon/flame retardant fabric/camouflage fabric (customized according to customer needs), the standard model is polyester material, with wear-resistant weather resistance, anti-splash, anti-wrinkle, good shape preservation characteristics.

Aluminium alloy
Arm assembly
Energy storage system
Shoulder joint assy
Clasp design
Wearable design
Product parameter
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