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Product warranty commitment

Guangzhou Shepeng Technology Co., Ltd. promises that from the date of product sale, in the product warranty period (different parts of the product warranty period may be different)

Will provide free product warranty services, customers do not need to pay for maintenance required testing fees, labor costs, replacement parts costs, test fees and maintenance products round-trip Courier fees.

Scope of warranty

① We guarantee that, if the product under normal use and maintenance conditions, due to material, process or manufacturing problems caused by performance failure, during the warranty period, we will provide you with repair, replacement and other warranty services in accordance with the provisions of this document.

② "Normal use and maintenance conditions" means that the installation, use, maintenance, storage, transportation, etc. of the product meets the requirements of the instructions for use and is used for the reasonably intended purpose or use. "Impact on normal use" means that the product does not achieve the function described in its standard performance parameters.

③ We will not charge you any additional fees for warranty services, except as stated in advance or at your expense by law or agreement.

④The above is our product quality and service to make all warranties, no other express or implied warranties.

⑤ If the seller or any other third party has additional commitments to you, you should ask these third parties to fulfill, Shipeng Technology is not responsible for this.

The scope is not guaranteed

The warranties under this document do not apply to:

① beyond the stipulated warranty period;

②Failure or damage caused by misuse, accident, modification, inappropriate physical or operating environment, natural disaster, power surge and improper maintenance or storage;

③Failure or damage caused by third party products, software, services or actions;

④ Normal decolorization, wear and consumption during the use of the product;

⑤ The product can operate normally without interruption or error;

⑥ Data loss or damage;

⑦ Consumable parts, such as batteries or protective films, that wear out over time, except for failures due to defects in materials or processes;

⑧ Can not produce the product valid warranty certificate and valid original shopping invoice or receipt, the original serial number label of the product has been altered, replaced, torn phenomenon, the product has no serial number or the product model or number on the warranty certificate is not consistent with the product;

⑨ Failure to use the product in accordance with the attached instructions, operating manual, or the product is not used for the intended function or environment, and any other circumstances in which the company confirms that you have violated the operating manual;

⑩ The completeness and appearance of the product are not guaranteed, and you should inspect the product on the spot when accepting it and object to any discrepancy.

Service network

Our products in the domestic construction has a complete after-sales service network,

More than 2000+ service outlets can respond to your after-sales service needs in the first time.

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