Core technology

Core technology

With the strong strength of independent research and development, Shepeng Technology breaks through one leading technology after another, meets the diversified and personalized needs of customers from different fields, constantly expands the breadth and depth of human services, practices the enterprise mission of serving the people with practical actions, and continues to move forward toward the global leader in the era of intelligent robots

Efficient low delay control algorithm

The new algorithm we developed greatly reduces the delay of exoskeleton networking, realizes fast interconnection and efficient control, and moves to a new height in the Internet of everything

Advanced biosensing technology

Identify the measured target from the molecular level, and more accurately capture subtle changes in the human body

Nano-antibacterial biomimetic materials

The antibacterial agent is treated with high-tech nanotechnology, so that it is prepared into nanoscale antibacterial agents, and then the antibacterial carrier is prepared into nano-antibacterial materials through certain methods and technologies, which is safer, more efficient and more stable.

Human action intention recognition

Motion pattern recognition, gait event detection, continuous gait phase estimation and other methods are used to analyze and recognize human signals in all directions.

Human mechanics of human-computer interaction

With ergonomic design, man, machine and environment are perfectly integrated.

Multi-source signal processing analysis

The ability to obtain different kinds of data from multiple sensors or signal sources, and to clean, process and analyze these data.

Research and development strength

Shepeng Technology has a reserve of top talents from different countries and regions, and has established in-depth cooperation with many first-class universities and research institutes at home and abroad.

Since its establishment, Shepeng Technology has focused on the iteration and development of robotics, and is committed to becoming a global leader in the era of intelligent robots.

Invention patent & Certification

Based on more than 10 years of industrial experience, we have been focusing on exploring collaborative robotics technology and applications,

Obtain authoritative certification and recognition from home and abroad.

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