Lumbar assist exoskeleton

Lumbar assist exoskeleton
Free your hands for easy handling

After wearing the waist assist exoskeleton, the heavy load is carried to the exoskeleton through the mechanical structure.

In order to reduce the waist muscle fatigue damage and human joint damage caused by bending and carrying

Custom material super weight bearing

Its mechanical energy storage system uses specially customized composite materials to achieve the balance of energy storage, elasticity and lightweight, and realizes the organic combination of human body bending self-weight energy storage and working power, and the maximum handling weight can reach 60kg.

Bionic design efficient weight loss

The core load bearing parts are made of specially customized carbon fiber, aviation aluminum alloy, glass fiber nylon and other strong and lightweight materials, combined with the human-computer interaction design concept, which greatly improves the load weight limit.

Easily carry the strength of the waist that guards you

The back power efficiency is 30%, and the average energy consumption in 8 hours is reduced by 29.8%. Greatly reduces pressure on the L5/S1 disc area when the back bends downward

Use demonstration
Scenario one
Assisted gripper
Waist storage
Prosthetic arm structure
Waist wearable
Leg restraints
The hook is designed to accommodate different weights

For different shapes of heavy objects, the waist power exoskeleton has a variety of different shapes of hooks, quick replacement, to help users better relieve arm fatigue.

Right Angle hook
Double arc hook

The curved hook can hold curved objects, such as fire pumps, buckets of water, etc

Application scenario
Shop handling
Architectural decoration
Medical operation
Logistics handling
Garden planting
Mine operation
Product parameter
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