Device piggyback exoskeleton

Device piggyback exoskeleton
Optimal balance of load and flexibility

Unlike the load-mobile exoskeleton, which seeks to maximize load capacity, the device-borne exoskeleton seeks to achieve the best balance of load and flexibility, especially in situations where moderate loads are required for long periods of time.

The whole machine adopts lightweight design, in the mainstream rated load (20kg) and load reduction effect (60%), the weight of the whole machine is up to 4.2kg, which is the lightest in China, and the wearer is particularly flexible and no burden after wearing it.

Bionic design efficient weight loss

The core load bearing parts are made of specially customized carbon fiber, aviation aluminum alloy, glass fiber nylon and other strong and lightweight materials, combined with the human-computer interaction design concept, which greatly improves the load limit.

Custom material super weight bearing

Equipped with the L-de load-reduction structure developed for many years, the weight of the load can be directly transmitted to the ground through the mechanical structure, which can greatly reduce the pressure load of the shoulder and leg.

Special interface customization

According to the equipment needs of coal mining industry and emergency industry, special interface customization is provided to reduce the secondary wearing of equipment, improve wearing comfort, and help improve rescue efficiency.

Note: Our company can customize various equipment interfaces for customers according to their needs.

Application scenario
Fire demonstration
Forest and grass fire protection
Carbon fibre backplane
Software package module
Folding pallet
Adjustable strap
Knee joint torque
Light and burdenless comfortable and not stuffy

The lightweight design of the whole machine, the core components of carbon fiber, glass fiber nylon and other high-performance low-density materials, light equipment, no extra burden after wearing.

Flexible material
Carbon fiber
Aero-aluminium alloy

With the characteristics of high strength, high rigidity and light weight, the tensile strength is 524Mpa and the density is 2.7g/cm³; Surface anodizing treatment, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance

Application scenario
Grid inspection
Emergency rescue
Battlefield medicine
Outdoor hiking
Forest fire protection
Emergency rescue
Product parameter
Case specification
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