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  • Load mobile exoskeleton
    Load mobile exoskeleton
    Bearing the burden to the distance, the mission will achieve
    The load mobile exoskeleton is equipped with a self-developed L-de structure for weight reduction on the back, which can directly transmit the weight of the back to the ground through the mechanical structure, and can significantly reduce the pressure load on the shoulders and legs. The back panel adopts an overall carbon fiber board design, with a load-bearing capacity that is currently among the best in China.
  • Device piggyback exoskeleton
    Device piggyback exoskeleton
    Support is not reduced, flexibility is more
    The device carrying exoskeleton aims to achieve the best balance between weight bearing and flexibility, mainly used in scenarios where medium weight carrying is required for long-distance hiking. It is currently a lighter model in China, which reduces shoulder weight by 60% after wearing, making it flexible, lightweight, and non burdensome.
  • Lead suit exoskeleton
    Lead suit exoskeleton
    Guard the health of the doctor
    Lead coated exoskeletons are mainly used in interventional surgical treatment scenarios. Wearing exoskeletons and then lead clothing can significantly reduce the weight bearing, heat tightness, and physical energy consumption caused by lead clothing, effectively protecting the spine and muscle health of medical staff.
  • Lumbar assist exoskeleton
    Lumbar assist exoskeleton
    Help each bend to carry
    Waist assisted exoskeletons are mainly used in scenarios where frequent bending and handling of heavy objects is required. The weight during the lifting process can be reasonably distributed to various muscles to avoid excessive burden on the waist and causing musculoskeletal damage.
  • Upper limb power exoskeleton
    Upper limb power exoskeleton
    Suitable for long-term hand-lifting operations
    The upper limb assisted exoskeleton is mainly used in scenarios where frequent hand lifting operations are required. It can provide sufficient support for lifting the arm, and the support provided is precisely balanced with the gravity of the arm and load.
  • Active lower limb assisted exoskeleton
    Active lower limb assisted exoskeleton
    Every advance
    An intelligent wearable device that can be worn outside the human body and uses an external power unit to assist the wearer in walking.
  • Intelligent temperature control clothing
    Intelligent temperature control clothing
    Drive away the heat, cool and enjoy life
    Intelligent temperature control suits are different from common cooling suits on the market, using semiconductor refrigeration technology for instantaneous cooling. Adopting TPU composite waterways to achieve uniform cooling of the back. Reduce the risk of heatstroke during outdoor work in summer and ensure physical health.
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