About Openg

Active lower limb assisted exoskeleton
Wisdom walking in the future, comfortable walking

Active walking exoskeleton, suitable for long distance walking, reduce leg fatigue, improve physical strength.

Reduce muscle strain and reduce physical consumption for those with normal physical strength. For the physically weak to provide assistance to help complete the gait walking.

Tough and light

The core load bearing parts are made of specially customized carbon fiber, aviation aluminum alloy, glass fiber nylon and other strong and lightweight materials, combined with the human-computer interaction design concept, which greatly improves the load limit.

Travel without worry
Scenario one
High-strength machine
Quick release battery
Power lever
Clasp design
The craftsman's way, fine workmanship

Every detail has been refined and designed with ingenuity to maximize the interaction between people and products and improve user experience and work efficiency.

Power supply system
Wearable unit
Drive system

Self-developed high power density brushless motor, strong power.

The Internet of everything is within reach

Equipped with the Beidou Internet of Things system, it can realize trajectory tracking, emergency calls, data statistics, etc.

It can easily manage the equipment and understand the user status, accompany you around.

Application scenario
Outdoor mountain climbing
Travel for the elderly
Frequent stair climbing
Long hike
Sports training
Have trouble with one's legs or legs
Product parameter
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