Load mobile exoskeleton

Load mobile exoskeleton
Maximize load-bearing capacity and stay one step ahead when it matters

Load mobile exoskeleton, is a pure mechanical structure of passive exoskeleton equipment, mainly used in the need to load long-distance hiking scenes.

The whole machine is based on the ergonomic design, and realizes the load transfer through the clever mechanical structure, reducing the body feeling burden of the wearer carrying heavy objects. In order to maximize the load bearing capacity of the exoskeleton, the core components are specially customized high-performance carbon fiber, high-strength aluminum alloy and other materials, and the ultimate load of the whole machine is up to 110kg, which is the strongest load bearing capacity in China.

Bionic design efficient weight loss

Equipped with the L-de load-reduction structure developed for many years, the weight of the load can be directly transmitted to the ground through the mechanical structure, which can greatly reduce the pressure load of the shoulder and leg.

Custom material super weight bearing

The core load bearing parts are made of specially customized carbon fiber, aviation aluminum alloy, glass fiber nylon and other strong and lightweight materials, combined with the human-computer interaction design concept, which greatly improves the load limit.

Man and machine can move freely

The machine has good man-machine coordination, and leaves sufficient degrees of freedom at the joints of the human body, which does not affect the wearer's activities.

The shoe covers are made of high-performance wear-resistant non-slip materials, which can be worry-free regardless of rugged, muddy or smooth roads.

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Emergency Mission 2022
Light and burdenless comfortable and not stuffy

The lightweight design of the whole machine, the core components of carbon fiber, glass fiber nylon and other high-performance low-density materials, light equipment, no extra burden after wearing.

Flexible material

The close-fitting wearable adopts 3D flexible cushion designed by ergonomics, making it comfortable and breathable without sultry.

Carbon fiber
Aero-aluminium alloy
Carbon fibre backplane
Clasp design
Leg binding
Software package module
Shoe module
The Internet of everything is within reach

Equipped with Beidou Internet of Things system, it can achieve trajectory tracking, special situation warning, emergency call, working condition statistics and other effects.

Can facilitate the management of equipment and personnel conditions, to ensure the safety of field personnel.

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Field work
Emergency rescue
Heavy march
Outdoor hiking
Forest fire protection
Emergency rescue
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