Leading the smart future: Exoskeletons unveiled at the 2023 World Robotics Conference

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Leading the smart future: Exoskeletons unveiled at the 2023 World Robotics Conference


The much-anticipated 2023 World Robot Conference has opened in Beijing. Large models enhance robot interaction and reasoning capabilities, and new products such as humanoid biped robots and intelligent bionic robots have emerged. Many technology giants and innovative enterprises gathered together to demonstrate the crystallization of human wisdom and technology. Among them, the much-concerned vision Peng Technology with its latest research and development of exoskeleton robot debut, caused widespread attention and praise.

"Hello, welcome to the global gathering of robots."

In the exhibition area, an exoskeleton robot with a set of carrying and walking assistance made its debut - an active weight-bearing exoskeleton. Unlike many humanoid robots and industrial robots in the exhibition hall, this exoskeleton robot is worn on the human body, making the wearer become a "mech warrior" and born to enhance the ability of the human body. It integrates new technologies such as perception, artificial intelligence and structural bionics.


This exoskeleton is mainly used for carrying heavy loads on foot for a long time to reduce the human shoulder and back load. The exoskeleton with walking power is compact in structure and light in weight. After wearing, it can help the human body reasonably distribute the weight of heavy objects to the shoulders, back and waist, reduce the sense of load, and carry out efficient help to walking, climbing, crossing obstacles and other actions through the motor.

It is mainly used in rescue and disaster relief outdoor camping and hiking at the scene of earthquakes, floods and other disasters, and all outdoor work scenes that need to carry heavy objects and carry out long-distance hiking.

In the face of the collapse of the road caused by today's rainstorm, many times only through the way of people carrying the injured and delivering relief supplies.

Shepeng deeply cultivates exoskeleton technology and feels the great responsibility on its shoulders, so our engineers work overtime to design this exoskeleton product that is most suitable for this scene, to help rescue and relief soldiers, reduce the burden, improve the rescue efficiency, and let the warmth arrive one step earlier.

At the exhibition site, there was a sea of people in front of the booth of Xepeng Technology, and the audience stopped to watch the display of exoskeletons. Everyone was attracted by its appearance, as if they were in the world of a science fiction movie. Many viewers could not help but take out their mobile phones to take pictures and share them with friends, feeling that they had become future superheroes at this moment.


During the exhibition, visitors have experienced the function of the device's piggyback exoskeleton. During the period of carrying heavy loads, I feel much lighter; Others have tried jumping, running, squatting and other movements, marveling at the exoskeleton's load-reducing ability and flexibility.

Exoskeleton technology was warmly received by the audience at the World Robot Conference. Innovative technology not only shows human wisdom and creativity, but also points out the direction for the future development of science and technology. I believe that in the near future, we will see this piggyback exoskeleton technology playing an important role in various fields.

See Peng technology, to create a better life for human beings.

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