Ice guard, police new weapon - intelligent temperature control suit for heroic law enforcement to bring cool protection!

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Ice guard, police new weapon - intelligent temperature control suit for heroic law enforcement to bring cool protection!


In police work, it is often necessary to perform tasks in various environments, and the hot weather in summer brings great challenges to police work. It not only affects the health and productivity of police officers, but also increases the risk of heat stroke and fatigue.

Part.01 Police Solutions

In order to solve the above problems, SEEPPO technology has designed a solution for the police industry - SEEPPO intelligent temperature control suit, which provides a full range of comfortable protection for police colleagues in high temperature weather!

After rigorous investigation and research, considering that the police need to wear police duty belts during execution, if the original intelligent temperature control suit is used, it will have a certain impact on the wearing of the belt and reduce the comfort.

To this end, Xepeng Technology combines intelligent temperature control clothing with police duty belts to design a unique solution for the police industry. Effectively improve the comfort and convenience of wearing.


Part.02 Intelligent temperature control suit

The smart temperature control suit uses semiconductor thermoelectric refrigeration technology, which does not require any refrigerant and is an environmentally friendly solid-state refrigeration method. The cooling engine cools the water quickly, and the cooling water flows through the TPU waterway to various positions on the back of the body. It can effectively lower the body temperature of the police.

The whole machine adopts lightweight design. The intelligent temperature control suit is composed of three parts: air conditioning suit, wearing air conditioning host and mobile power supply. The total weight is only 1500G. Considering that police officers need to wear police clothing during the course of duty, such as reflective stab resistant clothing. The inner layer of air conditioning clothing is made of breathable ice silk, which is light and comfortable. On the basis of wearing intelligent temperature control clothing, and then wearing special clothing, not only to ensure comfort, but also does not affect flexibility and mobility.

png" alt="DSC09189.png"/> Power on cooling to achieve rapid cooling. Green light high cooling 12 degrees, blue light low cooling 6 degrees two gears. High and long endurance, easier to work in a day. The high-end battery life can be used for 4.0 hours, and the low-grade battery life can be used for 5.5 hours. In addition, mobile power supply is configured for quick replacement and long-term use.

Part.03 Advantages of the solution

On hot summer days, officers wearing traditional police uniforms can easily feel hot and uncomfortable, which can lead to fatigue and lack of concentration. Smart temperature-controlled clothing can provide a continuous cooling effect, allowing police officers to stay cool and comfortable in high temperatures.

Being unwell can affect police officers' judgment and reaction speed. Police officers wearing smart temperature-controlled clothing can work in a comfortable environment, reduce fatigue, improve alertness and coping ability, and better perform their duties.

Smart temperature-controlled clothing can protect the health and safety of police officers. Working in high temperatures can lead to heat stroke and other health problems, and the cooling effect of smart temperature control clothing can reduce heat stress and reduce the risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. This is essential for the physical well-being of police officers, as well as for job stability and long-term effectiveness.

SEEPPO intelligent temperature control suit, protect health, help work! Provide better working conditions for those heroes who work in the heat, and jointly create a safer and more comfortable society!

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